A series of standalone videos are available to view now or download for later use in education, listed under main topics:

Transfusion consent


  • When consent is not an option: Obstetrics – download
  • When consent is not an option: Paediatrics – download
  • Transfusion consent for paediatrics: A shared decision – download
  • Transfusion consent for neonates: A shared decision – download
  • Transfusion consent for adults: Shared decision making and patient consent – download

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Acute Care and Surgical

  • Tranexamic Acid – download
  • Activating a Massive Transfusion Protocol – download
  • Minimising blood loss in cardiothoracic surgery – download
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding – patient assessment and transfusion – download
  • The Lethal Triad – explore the Lethal Triad, Bloody Vicious Cycle and stages of escalation – download

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  • Interpreting laboratory results – download
  • Iron deficiency anaemia and red cell transfusion – download
  • Intravenous iron formulations – download
  • Intravenous iron administration and premedication – download
  • Intravenous iron and anaphylaxis – download
  • Intravenous iron and severe anaemia – download
  • Oral iron – download
  • Ferritin levels and iron deficiency – download
  • Iron deficiency without anaemia – download
  • IV Iron administration in primary care – download

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Patient Blood Management

  • Patient Blood Management – an overview – download

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Clinical Transfusion Practice

  • Principles of double independent checking  – download
  • Administering blood – incorrect practices can lead to fatal mistakes – download
  • Pretransfusion samples – an example of correct procedures – download
  • Transporting blood – importance of correct transportation and storage – download
  • Specimen collection – following correct procedures to reduce the risk of errors – download
  • Pre-transfusion sample collection and labelling using EMR – how to correctly collect and label a blood sample using EMR – download