This programme is food for thought. It makes us realise how easy it is to make mistakes if the correct procedures are not followed, and to think that through our mistakes someone can die. I find this programme so stimulating and I love doing it. In my workplace we have to complete it every 2 years. Thanking you.


It is very convenient to me to be able to work it on my own time and my own pace. The course is very well structured and being able to stop and recommence at any stage is a great benefit.



Clinical Transfusion Practice Course

It was very insightful I thoroughly enjoyed the visual audio clips. The information provided was interesting and made me aware of the risks involved and will help me in my nursing profession to practice safely. Thank you.

Nursing student

I thought that this was the best on-line learning module that I have ever done, and the best thing was that it is so helpful in my clinical setting. Fantastic learning tool for students too. Only last week we noticed that a bag of blood had the wrong date on it and that showed me that mistakes do happen. Thank you so much for creating such a great programme.

Registered nurse


Iron Deficiency Anaemia Course

The Iron Deficiency Anaemia course content consists of four modules, each followed by sample case studies and self-assessment. The content is detailed, the case studies are instructive and the assessment is exacting. As a result, the accumulation of knowledge is intense; concentration is required. During the course, you develop a good understanding of iron indices and their correlation with body iron stores. The efficacy, or otherwise, of the various oral preparations is well covered. The role of parenteral iron and the benefits, when compared to the alternatives, is illuminating.

Cardiothoracic surgeon


Postpartum Haemorrhage Course

Refreshing my knowledge actually helped me to identify signs of a PPH recently before the patient had any changes in vital signs and I believe treatment was effectively administered earlier.

Registered midwife


Critical Bleeding Course

I have just completed your Critical Bleeding on-line module and I wanted to say that it’s a very informative and well designed course which I really enjoyed working through. The assessment questions really made me think. Well done.

Registered nurse