BloodSafe eLearning Australia works within a multi-tiered governance framework consisting of key stakeholder organisations from the Australian blood sector.

Jurisdictional Blood Committee (JBC)

The Jurisdictional Blood Committee (JBC) is the link between governments and the National Blood Authority (NBA). It is responsible for all jurisdictional issues relating to the national blood supply, including planning, production, supply, and budgeting. It provides national policy leadership on these matters, advising the Ministerial Council and settling less significant issues as authorised by the Ministerial Council. Approval for funding and strategic direction for BloodSafe eLearning Australia has been provided by JBC.

National Blood Authority (NBA)

The National Blood Authority (NBA) is an Australian Government statutory agency, established under the National Blood Authority Act 2003 to improve and enhance the management of the Australian blood and plasma product sector at a national level. The National Blood Authority represents the interests of the Australian, state and territory governments, and sits within the Australian Government’s Health and Ageing portfolio. Funding for BloodSafe eLearning Australia has been provided by all Australian Governments via the NBA following approval by the JBC.

Program Management

The program management office is responsible for the day to day operation of BloodSafe eLearning Australia. It is responsible for content development, system solutions including hosting arrangements, user support, financial management, project management and management of external collaborators and contractors. The program management office is located within the Centre for Education and Training of the Women’s and Children’s Health Network in North Adelaide, South Australia.

Department of Health and Wellbeing, South Australia

The Blood, Organ and Tissue Programs within the Department of Health and Wellbeing, South Australia, is responsible for contract management, funding arrangements, management of intellectual property rights, reporting to the Jurisdictional Blood Committee and National Blood Authority and provision of legal advice.

The BloodSafe name is a registered trademark of the Government of South Australia.